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The history of women bags along the centuries

d3108i67039h120511When did bag history begin? Of course, no one knows when the first bag was found. This is reasonable because every human being must use something that is shaped such that it can carry luggage, and it was called a bag. History of the beginning of the bag may be started in prehistoric times, where the bags were made at that time are still using leather and wood as basic materials.

The bag is made of leather used for carrying groceries, whereas usually made of wood to carry stones or wood pieces. In the 16th century handbags were made for everyday purposes. Handbags at that time were made of leather with additional binder on top of it. At this time, the travel bags were made larger than usual and were used by travelling. In the 17th century development of the bags became more varied, the famous model of this period was a small bag that is carried on a variety of occasions. In the 18th century along with the invention of the steam train and the development of neo-classical fashion trends, made a handbag to be more evolved not only as a carrier of goods but also carrier of accessories for women beauty. In the 19th century the use of handbags were aimed at the handbags carried by men.

This was the forerunner and inspiration for the bag which eventually popular among women. Precisely in 1920 which showed a revolution in the world of fashion bags, where the use of the bag didn’t have to always be in accordance with the clothing. In this century, minimalist elements were also starting to get into the fashion trends of the 1940s, and in the ’50s, the embryo of bag legends such as Hermes, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton was emerged. They were the forerunners of the small bags that are considered symbols of femininity.

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